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Don't Try – new Album out Nov 15th 2024

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With one album, three children, a pandemic and seven years since their last LP in tow, Death by Chocolate is back. It doesn‘t take years, only a few seconds to know:

With their new Album “Don't Try”, the band continues its favorite tradition of reaching an energy level within the first few bars that others don’t reach in the most gigantic final bouquet.

Death by Chocolate are not trying to be something they are not. Don't try is a compilation of the last few years. A best of, so to speak. Only those ideas that are most enjoyable live have been turned into songs.

With lots of love Death by Chocolate do what some well-lit life coaches try to teach you in front of their cameras: Exactly what they want.


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Date Venue
02.08.24 Mühli Open Air
Deisswil, Switzerland
29.11.24 Galvanik
Zug, Switzerland
30.11.24 Le Singe (Plattentaufe)
Biel, Switzerland
30.01.25 Albani
Winterthur, Switzerland




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